CAPS795 - Spring/Summer 2023

Development and Integration of Machine Learning and AI Pattern Recognition in Malware Detection - Madeleine Rabitoy

Implementing A Password-less Behaviormetric Authentication - Chris Dunham

Securing the Next Generation of Digital Infrastructure - The Importance of Protecting Modern APIs - Dhaka Timsina

CAPS795 - Spring/Summer 2022

Open-source software – Security concerns in a corporate environment - Dewayne Wasson

The Importance of Information Security Awareness Training Programs - Khalid Aldrouby

CAPS795 - Fall 2017 Projects

Exploring a Test-Driven Approach to Network Security Policy - David Sigsby

CAPS795 - Fall 2015 Projects

Data Breach Risk Factors in the Healthcare Industry - Nick Barilovich 

CAPS795 - Fall 2013 Projects

BIOMETRICS – Implementing Into The Healthcare Industry Increases Security - Darrell Shawl

Care and Control of Information in the BYOD Era - LeAnn Convis

CAPS795 - Winter 2013 Projects

Security Risks of Utilizing Robotics and Medical Devices in the Medical Profession - Julian Roosa 

Protecting Critical Infrastructure Against the Next Stuxnet - Doug Nibbelink 

HIPAA, PHI and Mobile Devices-Feasibility and Best Practices - John Hosko 

Biometric Indicators-An insecure replacement for passwords - Dan Meyerholt

CAPS795 - Spring/Summer 2012 Projects

Automation and Parallelization of Forensic Technology for eDiscovery - Joel Bowers 

Fault Tolerance and Adversarial Risk Analysis - Frank Radeck

Security For Heating and Cooling Systems - Jeffrey Osowski 

HIPAA Security and Policies and Procedures - Michele Cuper 

Personal Mobile Device Use in the Workplace: There Is A Way - James Hess 

CAPS795 - Winter 2012 Projects

Company Confidential and Government Data Storage on Employee Laptop Computers - Edward Sakowicz

CAPS795 - Fall 2011 Projects

Web 2.0 Technologies/Privacy Security Issues and Balancing Business Benefits - Javaid Iqbal

Functionally Eliminating Skimming Security Vulnerabilities From RFID Enabled Passports - Kos Semonski 

Risks Associated With Employee Use of Smartphones - Jerry Todd

The Self-Validating Data Architecture - Josh McDougall