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Annual Program Assessment

Annual Academic Program Assessment 

Ensuring Our Students' Success

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Annual Assessment Resources

DU assesses all programs to make sure they are relevant to the academic goals of Davenport students.

  • Annual Assessment is a formative assessment geared toward improving our programs on a yearly basis.
  • Program Review is a comprehensive review scheduled on a 7-year cycle so that all DU programs have this in-depth analysis.

Our outcomes-based approach to program evaluation looks at student learning outcomes, and whether Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are being met.  KPI and program assessment data are updated annually and are available on the Program Dashboard in WebFocus Managed Reporting.

The materials for annual assessment are noted in the call-out box above.

In the 7-year program review, we examine the total program and how it fits within the context and purpose of the College and the mission of the University.  In addition, we look at program resources, and conduct a market and peer analysis of each program.  The Program Review Rotation has been established through 2022.