A 7-Year Assessment On Each and Every Program

The evaluation of academic programs and Program Review Self Study Reports are driven by the guiding questions listed below.  To ensure the sustained quality of academic programs, Program Review is conducted every seven years.  This process integrates internal evaluation needs, including formative program development and strategic planning for academic programs, with the requirements for external accrediting bodies such as the Higher Learning Commission.  

  1. How well does this program fit with the purpose of the College and the mission of the University?
  2. Is the current curriculum timely and relevant?
  3. Is there a viable job market for the graduates of this program?
  4. What is the competitive environment for this program offering (i.e., market share)? Which DU Campuses should offer this program?
  5. Is progress toward goals or benchmarks for Key Performance Indicators being met?
  6. Are the program’s learning outcomes being met by students?  
  7. Does the program have adequate resources to ensure educational quality?
  8. What improvements are recommended for continuous quality improvement?  What resources are required to implement these recommendations?

These questions are addressed through the evaluation of the established criteria for Davenport University academic programs, which are aligned with the Higher Learning Commission standards. The Program Review Team synthesizes the data and information associated with Program Review criteria using recommended tactics and then assesses the quality of the program.  The findings of the team are addressed in the Program Review Self Study Report.

The purpose of Program Review is to systematically evaluate every aspect of academic programs, including program outcomes and curriculum, academic services, policies and resources, the competitive and market environment, and stakeholder perceptions of the program in order to ascertain strengths and weaknesses in these areas and propose changes and improvements as deemed necessary.