Dining hall conduct

We welcome everyone to the Dining Hall. While you are dining with us we ask that you treat your fellow diners and the staff with respect and good manners. In doing so we can all be comfortable and have a good time.  

General dining hall rules:

  1.  Backpacks, equipment bags, food and drink containers are not allowed in the dining hall.
  2. No outside food and drinks are allowed in the dining hall
  3. Removing food or dishes from the dining hall is not permitted.
  4. Appropriate attire must be worn while in the dining hall including shoes at all time.
  5. Cleanliness is a mutual responsibility - bring your dishes to the dish return and clean-up your table.  If there is a spill, please let one of the dining hall staff know so that it can get cleaned-up immediately.
  6. Treat others with respect and use appropriate language

Meal plan usage rules

  1. You must have your Student Housing ID to use your meal plan or block.
  2. When using a meal plan you must have your own Student Housing card.  Loaning your ID to another student will result in the confiscation of your ID which will be turned into security. 
  3. If you have lost or broken you Student Housing Card you must go to the Center for Campus Life Office to replace it.
  4. Students with Meal plans (Unlimited, Gold & Silver) may not swipe in a guest, but they may dining dollars to pay for their meal.
  5. Students with Meal Blocks may use as many meals as they would like for guests. You have to be present to swipe in a guest.