Welcome, Consumers Credit Union employees! 

Davenport University is committed to removing barriers so you can continue your education.

Your unique Gold Education Scholarship in partnership with the Michigan Veterans Affairs Agency saves you time and money as you work to complete an associate, bachelor's or master's degree, or pursue professional training to enhance your skills and/or gain industry-recognized certifications. All employees are eligible to participate in the Gold Education Scholarship program. 

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Consumers Credit Union Gold Level Employer Scholarship Benefits

  • Up to $8,000 toward tuition for most undergraduate and graduate degree programs*
  • Renewable scholarship prorated toward 22 credit hours per year
  • 20% discount on professional development workshops, certificate program and other non-credit training opportunities
  • No application fee
  • The scholarship is limited to 50 employees

Consumers Credit Union Gold Level Family Member Scholarship information

  • $6,500 prorated per family member
  • Up to 50 family members of employees are eligible
  • Scholarship applies to up to 22 credits per year
  • Family members are admitted as regular Davenport University students
  • Davenport University defines family members as a spouse or son, daughter, step-son, or step-daughter who does not exceed the age of 29 
  • Scholarship can be applied to most undergraduate and graduate programs*
  • Participation is renewable each year for up to four years, if eligible

Next steps

1. Apply for admission to Davenport University. Be sure to identify Consumers Credit Union as your employer

2. Receive notification from Consumers Credit Union and Davenport University that you are eligible for the scholarship

3. Apply for the MVAA Gold Education Scholarship

4. Continue the admissions and enrollment process


Whichever path you choose, you will enjoy small class sizes, interactive learning, and personal attention. If you have any questions as you review your options, please contact our Admissions Representative working with the scholarship.

Jason Bos

*Degree programs not eligible for the scholarship include Occupational Therapy. Tuition scholarships are for new students who have not taken for credit courses within the prior 24 months. This Tuition Grant amount is available for new students starting courses on or after 07/06/22. Your scholarship will show up on your Financial Aid award(s) under the name “DU Tuition Grant."