Our Global Campus learning environment leverages a variety of technology tools to bring quality education in a virtual environment.  Our most common course format is asynchronous so you can access your course and assignments anytime during the week. Although each course follows a schedule and deadlines for assignment, the convenience of access means you can determine the times and days that work best for your schedule.  

Some courses are also available in a synchronous format where students and faculty meet together online at scheduled times via our "live classroom" audio and video tool. Real Time Online (RTV) is a great option when you are able to set specific times aside in your schedule.

Online Learning

When we say Online at Davenport, we actually mean asynchronous Online courses. There are occasional situations where students and faculty may have specified, limited, face-to-face meetings, but, most often, this format means that faculty and students will not meet in-seat, in real time, in a classroom. Rather, 100% of a course is built and delivered through Blackboard Learn.

Students (and faculty) use Blackboard Learn for all functions of an online course.  Faculty members house all the information students require in this virtual environment which includes assignments, quizzes, tests and threaded discussions which are all completed online.

Real-Time Virtual (RTV) Learning

Unlike our asynchronous Online courses, in which Faculty and each student work individually within a weekly schedule to move their class forward, the Real-Time Virtual Learning format (aka. RTV, and formerly known as VISL) combines In-Seat classrooms with synchronous (real-time) Online technology. Faculty and students meet virtually in a Blackboard Collaborate online classroom.

Students can meet on-campus in computer labs, dedicated space for RTV, or at any off-campus location of their choosing provided it is equipped with a broadband internet connection (e.g. their primary office space, or their home).  Classes are held at a scheduled time, and students whose financial aid requires them to attend class on campus must do so, checking in at the front desk of their campus before each session.

Blackboard Collaborate is the featured delivery tool in the RTV course format. Faculty deliver key learning components, including short lectures, discussions, activities, and group projects, through this technology. However, they also use Blackboard Learn, the parent system for Blackboard Collaborate, to house course materials, including assignments, assessments, and supplemental content, to create a robust learning environment.

Students, to review answers to some frequently asked questions, see Academic Support Services.