Give your organization a competitive edge

We’re making a major investment in your employees

Davenport University is committed to helping Michigan businesses succeed by supporting their workforce with programs that meet the future needs of their organizations. That's why we're partnering with several organizations to help them advance their workforce while attracting and retaining high-performing talent. Through an education partnership with Davenport, these employers are able to open the door to personal and professional growth for their employees.

Find out if one of Davenport's education partnerships is a match for your organization by contacting Julie Milanowski at or 616.233.2580.

Attract. Retain. Upskill.

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Improve employee knowledge and abilities

For more than 150 years, Davenport has been helping individuals advance their knowledge, skills and abilities to excel in the workforce. 

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Save your employees time and money  

Partnering with Davenport will help your employees grow professionally, without all the added burdens – enabling them to be both a dedicated employee and a student. 


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Attract the best

Making a commitment as a company to support your employees' development will help to make you a sought-after employer. 

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Happy employees stick around  

A partnership will improve employee satisfaction, motivation and morale – all of which lead to an increase in employee retention. 


"Our employees are our most critical resource, and they come and bring their best every day. They need development and they need opportunity. This partnership with Davenport provides exactly that, opportunity for higher education."

Mark Stiers, President and Chief Operating Officer, DTE Energy

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