From start to finish, Davenport University’s Operations and Supply Chain Management training program offers opportunities to spearhead innovation, maximize organizational savings, boost company profits.

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Operations and Supply Chain Management – 6-week Course

The performance of a business can be determined by the effectiveness of its supply chain management, an integral part of operations management. Supply chain involves the coordination of many areas of business to serve the market in the best possible manner. Supply chain is not just a process for reducing costs and achieving operational efficiencies. It provides strategic alignment of end-to-end business processes.

The Operations and Supply Chain Management course provides an understanding of the evolving responsibilities of operations and supply chain managers. Participants learn to optimize supply chain operations through efficient design, planning, control, and monitoring of supply chain activities. Learn to improve overall organizational performance and customer satisfaction by improving product/service delivery.

Process Improvement Proposal - Participants in this program will identify the components of a process improvement plan to improve cost-effectiveness and/or efficiency in operations at his/her organization. The proposal serves as a guide for project implementation post-course.

Topics covered include: Supply Chain Management Fundamentals, Supply Chain Strategies, Performance Measurement, and Quality Improvement.

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Enhance your abilities to develop strategies for effective supply chain management
  • Evaluate the key supply chain management processes and procedures
  • Improve supply chain networks to align goals and orchestrate collaboration across groups
  • Formulate strategies that increase productivity and quality to maximize profitability

How the Organization Benefits

  • Leaders who maximize operational processes, cut down on unnecessary costs, and increase revenue
  • Optimal output for your organization and an exemplary product for your customer
  • Stronger professional relationships with suppliers and pertinent external collaborators for improved operational success

How the Individual Benefits

  • Improved ability to foster collaboration despite competing priorities, a critical supply chain element
  • Improved understanding of each area of supply chain management and real-world problem solving to advance your career
  • The ability to articulate complex concepts so anyone can understand, regardless of whether they have supply chain knowledge or not

Who Should Attend?

This certificate is designed for a variety of people involved with supply chains and operations, including but not limited to:

  • Managers of purchasing, operations, production, warehouses, and team leaders
  • Professionals who want formal training in operations and supply chain management
  • Operations and supply chain managers looking to enhance skills and advance their careers

CEUs Awarded: 4.5
PDCs Awarded: 42

This course is eligible for 3 undergraduate credits (MGMT375-Operations Management) toward a bachelor's or graduate degree at Davenport.

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