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Master of Accountancy, MACC
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The accounting department mission is to provide current relevant programs that prepare our students to excel and advance in their accounting careers while building their business acumen to contribute meaningfully to their lives and community.

Master of Accountancy, (MAcc)

We are committed to producing highly qualified accountants with integrity and the necessary critical skills.

Comprehensive, credible and contemporary in design. Our Master of Accountancy course offers multiple tracks and concentrations to enhance your professional value. We offer graduate-level concentrations that set us apart from other institutions. Below are the specialized areas of focus available so you can complete the masters degree in the area that interest you.
  • Finance: Learn how to analyze a company’s financial information, practice financial planning and learn to assess the financial operations and positions of an organization using various analysis methods. 
  • Fraud Examiner: Be able to conduct investigation analysis from financial data to detect fraud for process improvement and prosecution. 
  • Internal Auditor: Apply knowledge of internal controls and internal auditing to assess the efficiency and effectiveness of an entity’s operations and then develop appropriate recommendations.
  • Managerial Accountant: Analyze financial statements with the ability to construct and communicate strategic decisions for businesses.
  • Professional Accountant: Expand your knowledge and understanding of CPA’s professional and legal responsibilities; matters of agency, creditor-debtor interactions, uniform commercial code and contract law in which you will apply business law concepts

Accounting Career Opportunities.

Davenport University's Master of Accountancy program provides you with the expertise to excel in several career paths. You will be prepared to take specific certification exams in the following areas.

  • Certified Public Accountant (CPA) is a trusted financial advisor who helps individuals and businesses plan and reach their financial goals.
  • Certified Management Accountant (CMA) is a professional accountant who primarily works for a company and records and reports transactions for internal review by business owners and managers.
  • Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) is a professional accountant who reviews the accounting data for a company, while identifying any improper accounting practices or errors in reporting.
  • Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) is a professional accountant who resolves allegations of fraud, obtains evidence and assists in the prevention and detection of fraud and white collar crime.

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Full Curriculum


The Master of Accountancy Program at Davenport University is designed for the self-directed, career-minded student to “Get where the world is going” in his/her desired area of concentration in Accounting.  Students may customize their curriculum according to their desired outcomes.  The Master of Accountancy program offers multiple tracks that either culminate in taking CPA, CMA, CIA or CFE preparation courses, or focuses more broadly on general accountancy or a finance emphasis.  The Master of Accountancy is one of only a handful of programs across the country which offers graduate-level concentrations in fraud investigation, managerial accounting and internal auditing.  Within and across these tracks, the core learning prepares students to ethically address current accounting-related issues through data analytics and research, mastery of accounting processes and through integrating what they have learned through experiential learning and field practice.  
A hallmark of the DU Master of Accountancy program is learning through practice whether it be through case studies, field projects, internships, presentations or simulations.  Students will have many opportunities to exercise critical thinking skills while applying their accounting knowledge to correctly identify and understand real-world challenges.  Students will develop their leadership ability as they work with others to develop ethical, effective business solutions. 

Student who currently have the CFE, CIA, CMA, or the CPA may be able to apply that credit to that specific Specialty.

Which class should I take? When should I take it?
2017-2018 Recommended Program Sequence for Accountancy, MAcc and printable pdf download

Core Courses15 cr.
ACCT615Accounting Research and Communication3 cr.
ACCT625 Accounting Information Systems3 cr.
ACCT647Accounting and Financial Analytics3 cr.
ACCT650Accountant Responsibilities and Ethics3 cr.
Choose one of the experiential core course options:(3) cr.
ACCT790Accounting MBA Internship or cr.
FINC793 & FINC794Graduate ACG Experience I (2 cr) and Graduate ACG Experience II (1 cr)3 cr.
Specialization Areas15 cr.
Finance Specific Courses [FINS](15) cr.
FINC620Corporate Finance3 cr.
FINC622Money, Banking, Treasury Management Focus3 cr.
FINC738Mergers/Acquisitions/Consolidations 3 cr.
FINC750Advanced Financial Management3 cr.
FINC770International Financial Strategies3 cr.
Fraud Examiner Specific Courses [CFES](15) cr.
ACCT780Forensic Accounting3 cr.
ACCT781Fraud Examinations and Fraud Schemes3 cr.
ACCT785Fraud Investigation: Fraudulent Financial Statements and Asset Misappropriations3 cr.
ACCT786Fraud Investigation: Legal Issues3 cr.
GRAD ACCT FINGraduate Accounting/Finance Elective3 cr.
Internal Auditor Specific Courses [CIAS](15) cr.
ACCT738Certified Internal Audit Basics (CIA)3 cr.
ACCT746Certified Internal Audit Practice (CIA)3 cr.
ACCT755Certified Internal Audit Knowledge Elements (CIA)3 cr.
ACCT776Case Studies in Internal Audit3 cr.
GRAD ACCT FINGraduate Accounting/Finance Elective3 cr.
Managerial Accountant Specific Courses [CMAS](15) cr.
ACCT640Managerial Accounting3 cr.
ACCT761CMA Prep Financial Planning/Performance Control3 cr.
ACCT762CMA Prep Financial Decision Making3 cr.
FINC750Advanced Financial Management3 cr.
GRAD ACCT FINGraduate Accounting/Finance Elective3 cr.
Professional Accountant Specific Courses [CPAS](15) cr.
ACCT752CPA Prep: Financial (FAR)3 cr.
ACCT756CPA Prep: Auditing (AUD)3 cr.
ACCT763CPA Prep: Regulation (REG)3 cr.
ACCT767CPA Prep: Business (BEC)3 cr.
GRAD ACCT FINGraduate Accounting/Finance Elective3 cr.