Learn to analyze data and make impactful decisions that can influence the future of business.

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Data Analytics - Be More Data-Driven

Ever wondered if you’re really getting the most out of your data? Don’t leave valuable insight on the table. Analyzing data to find issues and opportunities is now a critical part of many job roles. Leveraging data effectively can create a significant competitive advantage. Beyond the analysis, managers must also be able to effectively present and communicate findings in visually compelling ways.

Take your analytical skills to the next level. Learn the best techniques for conducting data analysis and creating data visualizations that are impactful. Through 5 weekly virtual training sessions, with hands-on application, you will learn to analyze and interpret data to better understand business performance, impact, and trends. You'll learn the value data analytics brings to business decision-making processes.

Data Analytics for Managers is offered in a live-virtual format (using Blackboard Collaborate).

Who Should Attend:

This course is designed for all levels. Professionals who wants to understand how to make data work for effective decision-making and how businesses use it to solve problems. To ensure success, participants should have baseline skill using Microsoft Excel worksheets.

Topics include:

Data Analysis Fundamentals and Visualizing Datal
Identify, manipulate, and visualize data.

Analyzing Data with Formulas & Functions
Analyze data with formulas and functions. Implement data validation and create visualizations.

Analyzing Data with PivotTables and Presenting Visual Insights with Dashboards
Create and analyze PivotTable data, visualize and filter data, and create dashboards.

Transforming Data
Combine, shape and transform data using queries, data models, map charts, and visualizations.

Data Insights and Reports
Identify trends and forecasts using reports to guide more effective decision-making.

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Perform fundamental data analysis
  • Get and transform data for decisions
  • Visualize data
  • Analyze data with formulas, functions, and PivotTables
  • Present visual insights with dashboards in Excel
  • Perform statistical analysis
  • Model and analyze data with Power Pivot
  • Present insights with dashboards and reports

How the Organization Benefits

  • Adapt quickly to change, leading to higher, more reliable productivity
  • Track improvements with business data analysis
  • Derive meaningful insights from your data and convert knowledge into action
  • Improved ability to identify new business opportunities
  • Improved business processes

How the Individual Benefits

  • Data analytics isn't just the way of the future, it's needed right now
  • Improve your ability to think analytically and approach problems in the right way
  • Improve your communication skills and your ability to share complex information to those without expertise
  • The value of data analysis skills is on the rise

CEUs Awarded: .15
PDCs Awarded: 15

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