The Launch Scholarship deadline has been extended!

To qualify, students must now start classes either November 2, 2020 or January 11, 2021.

Receive up to $8,000 towards your education

Supporting those unemployed, laid-off or furloughed during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Davenport University's new Launch Scholarship is designed to support individuals who have recently been unemployed, laid-off or furloughed and are looking to finish a bachelor’s degree or earn an advanced degree to enhance their skills. The scholarship provides up to $8,000 for up to 30 credits per academic year for up to 4 years and is prorated per credit hour. 

To see how the funding amount breaks down for the number of credit hours you are hoping to take, please visit the FAQ at the bottom of this page

The Davenport University Career Services Department is also offering career assessments and transition strategies, as well as training for interviews and resume and cover letter development. In addition to this one-on-one training, the university’s career services team will host workshops for these individuals throughout the year.

Do you still have questions or want to learn more about this scholarship? Register for one of our upcoming webinars to hear first-hand from a university representative.

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What are the eligibility requirements?

  1. Must start classes in Fall 2020 or Winter 2021 (session 1).
  2. Must be a full or part-time employee who has been unemployed, laid-off or furloughed after March 1, 2020 as a result of the coronavirus pandemic
  3. Must be a new student to Davenport University
    (Anyone who has not taken a Davenport University class in the last 24 months)

How do I get started?

  1. Gather proof of unemployment from employer
  2. Apply to Davenport University
  3. Connect with an admissions representative by calling 800.686.1600 or emailing

Additional resources

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