Turn your real military experience into academic credit

Military Experience

As a Service member Opportunity College (SOC) participant, Davenport awards credit for non-traditional learning activities by evaluating military training and experience and recognizing standardized examination programs such as DANTES and CLEP. 

Military Transcript Requests

All Military students should request an official copy of their transcript.

Credit from Military Transcripts

Military credit is assigned by the American Council on Higher Education (ACE). Click here for a Guide to the Evaluation of Educational Experiences in the Armed Services. DU also awards advanced standing credit which may not have been evaluated by ACE.

DU offers a Bachelor of Business Administration and a Bachelor of Science that take your documented military experience into consideration and much of the experience translates into credit.  The following majors within the College of Business, Health, and Technology are transfer friendly for military service members based on your specific Military Occupational Specialty (MOS):

  • BBA Business
  • BBA Management
  • BS Health Information Management
  • BS Health Services Administration
  • BS Health and Human Services Case Management
  • BS Technology Project Management

Please contact our Military and Veterans Service Team if you have questions about these degrees.

Military Transfer Credit Appeal

If your military experience did not transfer as expected, or you feel that there is a class in your Degree Plan for which you have already met the learning outcomes, please contact your Military Advisor. He or she will assist you with filing for a Transfer Credit Appeal with our Registrar.

Prior Learning Assessment (PLA)

Military students may also receive credit for experience not reflected on transcripts. DU will consider the following experience: career, personal, job-related, and community participation. A portfolio must be submitted for credit to be considered. Please read the requirements and consult with your Military Advisor if you are considering a PLA. You can also find more information on the PLA website.