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A student whose studies are unexpectedly interrupted by a military obligation may be granted a Military Leave of Absence upon submitting a copy of his or her signed orders. Any spontaneous military event where the student is issued orders can qualify for a Military Leave of Absence.

Prior to requesting a Military Leave of Absence, the student should contact his or her professor(s). Depending upon how much class the student will need to miss, the instructor may be able to help the student continue in the class or an Incomplete Grade may be considered.

If no simple alternative can be agreed upon between the student and the professor, and it is decided that the student cannot continue in the class, the student must contact his or her Military Advisor and start the process for a Military Withdrawal. The steps for a Military Withdrawal are as follows:

  1. Contact your Military Advisor.
  2. Provide your Military Advisor with a copy of your orders (or the date when orders are expected).
  3. Once the Military Advisor has received the orders, he or she will process the withdrawal.
  4. The student must work with his or her advisor to reschedule the classes for which the withdrawal is requested.

A Military Withdrawal will not show up on student transcripts and will not result in a balance. However, the classes from which the student withdrew will still need to be completed before graduation.