Davenport University (Davenport) is committed to compliance with federal and state law, and NCAA regulations, which govern its transitioning NCAA Division II intercollegiate athletics program. An important part of this commitment is a periodic review of its intercollegiate athletics program to identify issues related to compliance with Title IX and the NCAA’s principle of Gender Equity.

Davenport University Athletic Department Gender Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Plan


Prior to the development of the Athletic Department’s Gender Equity Diversity and Inclusion Committee, the University’s strategic planning process has been inclusive process including all Davenport University stakeholders which includes initiatives relative to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI). The University understands the value of DEI and in efforts to promote the values associated with DEI on campus has developed the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Council. The Athletic Department has been an included constituent in the council since it’s development. The vision of the DEI council is listed below: 

WE WILL be a community where similarities and differences are respected and celebrated, multiple perspectives and diversity of thought are embraced and people are engaged in inter-cultural experiences, including international education opportunities 

WE WILL actively promote full participation of all community members with an acknowledgement of the challenges faced by people from historically marginalized groups.

WE WILL be the leading example of a diverse and equitable organization as reflected by the composition and behavior of our faculty, staff and students.

With the move to NCAA Division II and in alignment with the University’s continued focus on DEI, the Athletic Department initiated a formal Gender Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Assessment by Strategic Edge Consultants. As a result of the assessment, the Athletic Department developed the GEDI Committee which includes many campus entities to assist in development of a GEDI strategic plan and assist in continual evaluation of GEDI initiatives in the athletic department. 

Fostering inclusion and creating a positive student-athlete experience are key guiding values for the Davenport University Athletic Department and the University. The Athletic Department understands that creating a safe, welcoming environment that reflects the diverse community we live in will have a positive impact on the educational experience of our student-athletes. Our objective is to develop a Gender Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (GEDI) strategic plan that that aligns with the Vision and DEI initiatives of the University and continue to assess the state of the athletic department in reference to GEDI.

How to express concerns

  1. If a student-athlete has a question or complaint related to gender equity or any minority or discrimination issues, he/she should contact a Title IX Coordinator.
  2. If you or a friend was or may have been a victim or witness to any Title IX violation and you want to file a Title IX complaint, that process can be started via the Submit a Report page.
  3. Associate Director of Athletics/SWA –Ronda Varnesdeel – rvarnesdeel@davenport.edu: The Associate Director of Athletics/SWA is Davenport’s designated Senior Woman Administrator (SWA) and serves as a member of the senior management team in the athletic department assisting the Executive Director of Intercollegiate Athletics with oversight of all facets of the athletic department. The Associate Director of Athletics/SWA serves as a role model and resource to all student-athletes and coaches, In addition, the Associate Director of Athletics/SWA monitors gender-equity and Title IX initiatives within the department and is a spokesperson for the needs and interests of women. If you have any questions relative to these responsibilities, please contact the Associate Director of Athletics/SWA.