Career Services is here to partner with you

From helping you find the right talent to you helping us shape our academic programs and curriculum, we invite you to learn more about the various ways we partner with organizations from around the world. We also invite you to put your name in front of 7,000 students and over 100,000 alumni and community partners by sponsoring our career guide.

It all starts with Handshake

Davenport's centralized platform offers employers the opportunity to connect with college and university talent and career services across the country. Key features of Handshake include:

  • Posting jobs and internships
  • Promoting company recruiting events
  • Ability to view student profiles and directly connect with them
  • Opportunity to register and attend our Career Services events, forums and fairs

Click here to view job and internship posting best practices

Understanding Davenport's internships, practicums and course project opportunities

At Davenport, we work to provide you with documents and resources to make it easier to start or improve your internship program. Click here to find out why you should consider a Davenport intern and internship program best practices.

Learn how local Career Services professionals advise employers on internship programs through the West Michigan Internship Initiative (serving employers based anywhere).

Connect with a Career Coach at DU

How to create an internship job description

Davenport offers a template to help you write a detailed description of the work you want your intern to do, and what you will help them learn. An Career Coach can help you create this via a conversation or by providing previously approved examples.

We have developed program guidelines for our students to help in their internship search.  If you already have a Davenport intern selected, you can review the guidelines for their program to build a custom job description/list to duties to meet their academic experience needs.

Additionally, click here to view the Curricular Practical Training (CPT) FAQ to assist in understanding the ease of hosting one of our international students at no additional cost to you and no extra paperwork! 

Understanding credit versus non-credit interns

Our Internship Managers can help employers create internship positions designed to align with the Bureau of Labor and Statistics federal guidelines. Developing a detailed work description relevant to a student’s degree program is the best first step toward a credit-bearing opportunity. A credit-bearing internship has a concurrent class, weekly coursework, a faculty instructor and an end evaluation of the students’ work. A non-credit internship is not connected to a course and is a relationship between you and the student. 

What is a practicum? 

Practicums (also called externships) are designed to provide students with practical work experience. They emphasize the importance of learning by doing. Students can expand their knowledge base from theory to practice and provide valuable contributions to their host sites. Practicums can also open networking opportunities and often allow making important contacts within the healthcare system.

Practicums are required of all Davenport University College of Health Professions Allied Health and HIM students. Interested in hosting a student?  Email a Career Coach.

Free business or technology course-based project consulting

Have a project that is bigger than one person? Groups of Davenport students can work on projects for your organization at no cost. If you would like to consider partnering with Davenport University students and faculty to help build your capacity through a course-based project, please complete this form to start the process

Examples of previous projects completed include:

  • Strategic marketing and business plans
  • Feasibility studies
  • Application, prototype, and database development
  • Professional writing documents (reports, brochures, manuals)