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Davenport University is committed to removing barriers so you can continue your education.

Davenport University has partnered with Detroit Public Schools to offer you a scholarship to pursue certification and master's degree programs in urban education.

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About the College of Urban Education

Davenport's college of urban education offers programs that are specifically designed to help administrators and teachers build the skills necessary to become highly effective urban educators. Our programs provide a combination of academic coursework, in-class observations and coaching to provide real-time feedback on teaching practices. 

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Teachers and administrators emerging from Davenport’s urban education program:

  1. Understand the current context of urban education including challenges as well as data-driven education strategies that influence student achievement

  2. Gain experience in implementing culturally relevant models of instruction that inspire and engage  

  3. Learn how to work with community stakeholders in countering and mitigating the effects of harmful environmental factors that impact student success

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