Earn college credit with your high school classes

What is articulation?

Articulation is the cooperative processes between two or more educational institutions to accommodate the academic goals of students. Articulation agreements allow students to build an additive degree program by taking courses either at different institutions or at the different campuses of one institution.

Davenport University offers options for high school students to get an early start in college by articulating high school credits to Davenport for college credits. Students save money on rising costs of tuition, fees and books while accelerating their progress in their college major instead of being slowed down by duplication of courses.

Why should you consider this?

  • Save money on tuition, fees and books 
  • Earn college credits while working towards your high school diploma
  • Graduate from Davenport University earlier
  • Create the opportunity for more classes directly related to your field of choice

Use the pull-down menu below to select your institution and find any articulation agreements that currently exist with Davenport University

Make sure to right-click on the agreement, download it and click "save-as".

Career / Technical Education Center Articulation

Davenport has also developed articulation agreements with the tech centers below to award college credit for courses and programs completed at the tech center. We also participate in the Michigan statewide articulation agreement which allows Michigan high school students enrolled in a career-tech program at any state-approved Career and Technical Education Center or High School to receive university credits from Davenport.

Use the pull-down menu to select your institution and see any articulation agreement existing with DU