Online dual enrollment courses are available at a reduced rate for high school juniors and seniors.

Earn college credit in high school

Get a head start on college at a discount by taking advantage of Davenport's dual enrollment opportunity.

High school students can enroll in courses at Davenport University in our Dual Enrollment program under the Postsecondary Enrollment Options Act. Credits earned through dual enrollment may be simultaneously applied toward high school and college. 

      Why dual enroll?

      1. Get a taste of college life and ensure a smooth transition from high school to college.
      2. Get tuition at an 80% savings or even free! Your high school may pay 100%.
      3. Get a head start on college graduation by earning up to 30 credits.

        Two easy steps to dual enroll

        Are you ready to register in a dual enrollment class? Great! It's as simple as following the two steps below.

        1. Apply for Admission

        To submit your application for dual enrollment admission you will need:

        2. Receive authorization from your parent

        • When you submit your application, an approval form will be sent directly to your parent (as listed on your application). This approval is mandatory for Davenport to process your enrollment.
        • After approval, you will be registered in courses and will receive confirmation information from Davenport's dual enrollment admissions team.