Great leaders build a solid culture — one that helps the team grow and fulfill its true potential

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Leadership Training and Development

Leaders and managers often excel at setting direction or goals. However, being a leader of leaders requires a different perspective. Leaders of leaders must think strategically; a mindset to adapt, innovate and succeed. They tackle problems efficiently and creatively. Welcome challenges. And understand what the organization can do to grow into the future.

Become what your organization needs. A strong and capable strategic thinker who can motivate, align ideas to strategy, and inspire your teams to make significant contributions to the organization’s success with Davenport University’s Leader of Leader program. Training participants will take a pre-assessment (DNA® 25 Competencies Assessment) to identify their leadership profile. Throughout the 6-week program, participants examine how to use their leadership strengths to make the right strategic decisions.

The Leader of Leaders program includes three (3) personalized executive coaching sessions. This program is offered in a live-virtual format (using Blackboard Collaborate). Live virtual sessions are held every other week with coaching sessions conducted in the off-week.

Who Should Attend?

Davenport University’s Leader of Leaders program is for any professional looking to improve leadership and management skills, including but not limited to:

  • Leaders and managers who want to become top-performing leaders and change agents in their organizations
  • Leaders and managers seeking innovative approaches to prepare for their next level of leadership responsibility

Training Topics

Week 1 - Data and Decisions Session
Strategic leaders know the business. They don’t just rely on functional expertise, but rather hone an interest in the business as a whole. What are measures of success for the organization? What are key sources of data? Learn to use critical thinking and decision-making skills to meet new challenges.

Week 2 - One-on-One Coaching
Review the leadership assessment results with a certified executive coach and begin to define the concept for your leadership action plan.

Week 3 - Leading with Intention Session
Effective leadership is more than just leading people, it’s about giving a purpose. Leaders receive information, identify essential matters, and communicate effectively to produce results. Learn to create an aspirational vision and use the power of influence and delegation to energize others.

Week 4 - One-on-One Coaching
Discuss your leadership action plan with a certified executive coach.

Week 5 - Strategy to Action Session
Smart leaders regularly seek out challenges for themselves and find way to push their staff out of comfort zones. Learn to align ideas to strategy, and connect your team’s vision with organizational goals and objectives. See the big picture while also helping your teams find new ways to contribute maximum value.

Week 6 - One-on-One Coaching
Review and identify steps to implement your leadership action plan.

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Demonstrate a practical understanding of the key drivers of success in your organization
  • Create a clear path forward for initiatives with many moving parts
  • Encourage an innovative workplace by learning about failure-tolerant leadership
  • Set direction, inspire and promote profit-driving engagement from employees at all levels
  • Position your organization for the future while meeting current demands
  • Maximize your personal and professional potential with the development of a leadership action plan

CEUs Awarded: 1.7

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