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Master of Science Information Assurance and Cyber Security, MSIA
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Master of Science Information Assurance and Cyber Security

Address the management of risk to information assets of organizations. 

Davenport University’s Master of Science in Information Assurance and Cyber Security (MSIA) addresses the management of risk to organizational and individual information assets and the importance of building secure systems that protect the confidentiality, accessibility and integrity of those assets in today’s global environment. Our Master of Science in Information Assurance is mapped directly to the Committee on National Security Systems Training Standard 4011, as defined by the National Security Agency (NSA) and CNSSI-4012 Training Standard for Senior Systems Manager.

Download a PDF of the Master of Science Information Assurance and Cyber Security, MSIA degree.

DHS and NSA logos
Davenport University is a DHS/NSA nationally recognized Center of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance Education.
The Committee on National Security Systems in conjunction with the National Security Agency (NSA) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) jointly announced the designation of Davenport University as a National Center of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance Education (CAE/IAE)

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Full Curriculum


The term Information Assurance has been defined as “conducting those operations that protect and defend information and infor­mation systems by ensuring availability, integrity, authentication, confidentiality and non-repudiation.” This includes providing for restoration of information systems by incorporating protection, detection and reaction capabilities. The 34 semester credit hour Master of Science in Information Assurance and Cyber Security (MSIA) includes nine core courses, two upper-level electives, and a thesis focused on Information Assurance and Cyber Security.

All students admitted into the Davenport University Master of Science Information Assurance and Cyber Security are expected to have the necessary undergraduate preparation in computer, networking, statistical analysis, and security foundations prior to entering the 600-level courses. Students that have not successfully completed equivalent undergraduate courses or do not have any of the following Security Certifications: Security +, CISSP, GSE, CCSP, SSCP, CIW or RSA will be required to complete the following graduate (500-level) foundational courses or the undergraduate level equivalent courses. A grade of “B” or better must be earned in each course to show proficiency.

Graduate Level Foundational Courses:

CSCI531    Introduction to Programming or
CISP553    PERL/Python Scripting
IAAS581    Information Security and Assurance
IAAS591    Cryptography
NETW520   Data Communications and Networks
STAT500    Statistics for Business

The master’s degree program in Information Assurance and Cyber Security (MSIA) has been certified by the National Security Agency (NSA) and Committee on National Security Systems (CNSS) as meeting the requirements of NSTISSI-4011, Training Standard for Information Systems Security (INFOSEC) Professionals, and CNSSI-4012, Training Standard for Security System Managers.

Topics will include: information security planning, cryptography, project management and risk mitigation, application security, network security, forensics, and legal and ethical roles and topics specific to security. Students will also choose electives within their concentration and complete a thesis under the direct guidance of a faculty member.

These elective courses will provide an introduction to the different technical and administrative aspects of Information Security and Assurance. Topics will include: wireless and mobile security, banking and financial security, securing resource transfer, and health care security. The elective courses will also include methodologies for prioritizing information assets and threats to information assets, including risk analysis, architecture components of an incident response plan, legal and public relations implications of security and privacy issues, and the framework of a disaster recovery plan.

A thesis paper forms the Capstone of this Master of Science Information Assurance and Cyber Security program. The Capstone is a comprehensive research paper encompassing the learning from the students’ coursework in the program. Prior to enrolling in the CAPS795 capstone course, students must have both an approved Capstone Intent Form and an approved Research Proposal on file with the MSIA program office. A research seminar (or pre-capstone seminar) is available to students to provide guidance on developing the research proposal. The final thesis paper is to be completed under the guidance of your faculty advisor and/or university designated faculty member during the CAPS795 course. More details on the master’s thesis and capstone process may be found in the Capstone Guidebook, available on the ISaAC site or from your faculty advisor.

Which class should I take? When should I take it?
2018-2019 Recommended Program Sequence for Master of Science Information Assurance and printable pdf download

Core Courses27 cr.
IAAS600Information Security Planning3 cr.
IAAS651Applied Cryptography3 cr.
IAAS660Project Management and Risk Mitigation3 cr.
IAAS667Legal and Ethical Security Topics3 cr.
IAAS710Application Security3 cr.
IAAS715Network Security3 cr.
IAAS735Advanced Computer Forensics3 cr.
IAAS786Research Techniques for Information Assurance3 cr.
STAT615Analytical Statistics for Management3 cr.
Elective Courses - Select one of the following:3 cr.
GPMT699Certified Project Management Professional3 cr.
IAAS670Wireless and Mobile Security3 cr.
IAAS672Banking and Financial Security3 cr.
IAAS675Health Care Security3 cr.
IAAS738IT Business Continuity and Best Practices3 cr.
IAAS740Comprehensive Issues3 cr.
IAAS790Information Assurance Internship3 cr.
Capstone4 cr.
CAPS795Information Assurance Thesis4 cr.