Welcome, GRCC students!

You bring experience to share and inspire others with your focus on career goals. We set you up for success with personal transfer planning, assign personal academic advisors and financial guidance. Join DU for your next step toward success!

With about 30% of our students being transfer students, you won't be alone in this journey

Insider tips for an easy transfer

  • 60+ Programs = Your full associate degree applies to a qualifying DU degree leaving only 60+ credits to complete (2 years or less)
  • Follow a 3+1 for maximum transfer benefits. Work directly with your personal Education Partner Representative to map out your plan.
  • Choose EN101 and MA107 at GRCC to satisfy the DU English & math acceptance requirements (and maximize your transfer credits)
  • You can take DU and GRCC classes in the same semester with Consortium. Use DU financial aid to help cover the cost of both. A great option to help you complete your Associate degree requirements while you step forward to your Bachelor's degree.
  • Special GRCC/DU Programs:

Affordable education

Many GRCC  transfer students have found that DU is an affordable option!  95% of our students qualify for some kind of financial aid, we can help you too!  Let our experts build you a personal financial aid package based on your unique situation:

  • Academic scholarships ranging from $6,000/year to $2,000/year (GPA 2.8+)
  • Compete for our Full-tuition President's scholarship (3.5 GPA)
  • Are you a member of Phi Theta Kappa? Increase your academic scholarship to $4,000/year!
  • Plus we can help you qualify for additional DU scholarships and Federal and State grants
  • We also offer tuition grants & discounts if you are an employee or member of one of our partner organizations


"From the moment I submitted my application, I knew Davenport was going to be beneficial... It was a very important decision I had to make for my future. Davenport even helps you receive a job after graduation if you don't find one... I am currently pursuing a BBA, and the professors are wonderful and beyond helpful, as well as the staff on campus. I take classes online and at Davenport's Holland Campus. The option of taking 7-week classes is great if you're trying to knock classes out (quickly). My first semester here has been great!"

Nathali A

Jamarcus Wiggins

GRCC Education Partner Representative

Meet with Jamarcus (Virtually)

Monday - Thursday: 10 - 11:30am & 2 - 3:30 pm
Friday: Available via appointments only

Join him during his virtual visit hours at https://us.bbcollab.com/guest/3c2e9928d6b5484796b61327a0f8f9c4

Other times are also available by appointment. Schedule an appointment with Jamarcus: https://calendly.com/jwiggins6