Welcome, LCC students!

At Davenport, transfer students are a vital part of our student body. You bring experience to share and inspire others with your focus on career goals. We set you up for success with personal transfer planning, assigned personal academic advisors, generous financial aid and career guidance for life.

With about 30% of our students being transfer students, you won't be alone in this journey.

Insider tips for an easy transfer

  • Follow a transfer plan for maximum transfer benefits. DU can accept up to 90 credits from LCC
  • 60+ Programs = Your full associate degree applies to a qualifying DU degree leaving only 60+ credits to complete (2 years or less)
  • You can take DU and LCC classes in the same semester with Consortium. Use DU financial aid to help cover the cost of both. A great option to help you complete your Associate degree requirements while you step forward to your Bachelor's degree
  • Choose ENGL 109 and MATH 112, MATH 109, or MATH 120 at LCC to satisfy the DU English & math acceptance requirements (and maximize your transfer credits)
  • Special LCC/DU programs:

Affordable education

Many LCC transfer students have found that DU is an affordable option!  95% of our students qualify for some kind of financial aid, we can help you too!  Let our experts build you a personal financial aid package based on your unique situation:

  • Academic scholarships up to $6,000/year
  • Compete for our annual full-tuition President's scholarship (3.5 GPA or higher)
  • Are you a member of Phi Theta Kappa? Increase your academic scholarship to $4,000/year!
  • We can help you qualify for additional DU scholarships and Federal and State grants
  • Plus, DU offers tuition grants & discounts if you are an employee or member of one of our partner organizations

    Why LCC?

    "Choosing to further my education at Davenport University was a huge decision that I am glad I made. I did enjoy my time at LCC; the programs that DU offers are designed to prepare you as a student for a career after schooling. I am pursuing a Business BBA and in my classes, my instructors have had experience in business and know the skills that employers are looking for. As far as the process of transferring to DU, everyone in the admissions office was extremely helpful and made it very easy. We sat down and discussed a plan to help me successfully transfer over to DU. DU also offers many students services such as helping with financing for college with a customized financial aid plan and career planning services that will help you be placed with a job in your field of study. I have enjoyed my time here and can't wait to continue my education at DU!"

    Jake P

    Jamarcus Wiggins

    GRCC Education Partner Representative