Giving school districts a competitive advantage

Introducing a new partnership opportunity to address your school's teacher shortage

Davenport University is invested in developing a teacher pipeline for school districts throughout Michigan by preparing teachers and administrators to teach and lead in urban schools. That’s why we’re partnering with school districts to help advance their educators while attracting and retaining high-performing talent.

Through the STEM Educator Scholarship Partner Program, participating school districts have the ability to offer access to Davenport’s flexible education degree pathways, urban education scholarships and expert urban education faculty – all at significant savings.

School districts that are interested in partnering with Davenport for this great program may contact the College of Urban Education directly at

Number of students in urban schools positively impacted by our program participants
Student-to-faculty ratio at Davenport
Davenport faculty have nearly 30 years of experience as educators

What is the STEM Educator Scholarship Partner Program?

School systems interested in this program will sign a memorandum of understanding and work collaboratively with Davenport to encourage students, employees and parents to pursue an undergraduate degree in urban STEM education.

Each partner school district will be eligible for 75 $12,000 scholarships: up to 25 for current students, up to 25 for school employees and up to 25 for parents of students currently enrolled in the school district. Individuals are eligible for a scholarship if they have not attended Davenport University as a student in the past 12 months.

Why partner with Davenport University?

Davenport University’s College of Urban Education promotes equity, creativity and opportunity for all children. The success of Davenport’s STEM Educator Scholarship Partner Program is reliant on close collaboration between the university and the partner schools.

Together we can transform the landscape of urban education, meeting the unique educational demands of K-12 urban classrooms. Our College of Urban Education offers master’s, bachelor’s and certificate programs to support career goals for both teaching and leading in urban schools. Take advantage of the STEM Educator scholarship, a partner school advantage to help develop teachers and leaders with deep expertise in K-12 STEM instruction while learning culturally responsive teaching strategies.

Experience the Davenport difference:

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$12,000 scholarship per year

For members of a partner school, Davenport is making it easier than ever to gain a B.S. in urban STEM education degree with this scholarship. Scholarships may be awarded to up to 25 employees, 25 students and 25 students’ parents.


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Happy educators stick around

A partnership will improve employee satisfaction, motivation and morale – all of which lead to an increase in retention.


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Help K-12 students succeed academically

Delivering an equitable education leads to increases in engagement and performance, and, ultimately, higher academic achievement.

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Save district employees time and money

Partnering with Davenport helps school district employees grow professionally, without the added burden – enabling them to be dedicated employees and a student.

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Improve educators’ knowledge and abilities

For more than 150 years, Davenport has been helping individuals advance their knowledge, skills and abilities to excel in the workforce. Employees will gain skills that promote equity, creativity and opportunity for all children through urban STEM education degree programs.


*Scholarships apply to new students who have not attended Davenport University in the past 12 months. Scholarships are pro-rated (based on enrollment level of 30 credits per academic year) and applied against published tuition rates for Davenport University’s Bachelor of Science in urban STEM education.

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