Family Nurse Practitioner Concentration

The Master of Science in Nursing Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) program prepares the baccalaureate nurse to care for adults and children of all ages with essential focus on family and community. Graduates of this program will be able to provide health promotion and primary health care for families and individuals in the context of their families. The Family Nurse Practitioner program focuses on continual and comprehensive, wellness and illness care for individuals across the lifespan to assist with illness management, health promotion, and health education.

Foundations of Advanced Nursing
9 Credits
NURS600 Theoretical Fndn Adv Nurs Prac 3
NURS601 MSN Orientation Seminar 0
NURS640 Nurs Research & Evid-Base Prac 3
NURS670 Transform NursingPractice Role 3
Advanced Nursing Core
9 Credits
NURS735 Advanced Pathophysiology 3
NURS738 Advanced Pharmacology 3
NURS740 Advanced Health Assessment 2
NURS740V Advanced Health Assessment Lab 1
Family Nurse Practitioner Concentration
26 Credits
NURS768 FNP I-Hlth Prom Adv Prac Nurs 2
NURS768C FNP I-Hlt Prom Adv Prac Nur Cl 1
NURS772 FNP Onsite Campus Intensive 1
NURS776 FNP II-Acute & Episodic Prob 2
NURS776C FNP II-Acute & Episdic Prob Cl 5
NURS781 Adv Prac Nurs Care Wmn Fam Ped 2
NURS781C Adv Prac Nur Care Wn Fam Ped C 5
NURS786 FNP Mgt Patient/Family Chronic 2
NURS786C FNP Mgt Patient/Familiy Chr Cl 5
NURS788 Advanced Gerontology 1
1 Credits
NURS794 Family Nurse Practitioner Caps 1