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The Business degree prepares students to enter either the business or government sectors as general managers. Presented with learning opportunities ranging from lecture and textbook study to case analysis and business simulations, students are grounded in the fundamentals of business, with emphasis on critical thinking and problem solving. The substantial number of elective courses allows students to tailor this degree program to individual career objectives.

#Students choosing an Emphasis in Entrepreneurship should complete FINC223
+Students choosing an Emphasis in Operations Management, Marketing or Professional Selling should complete FINC235
**Students must complete a minimum of 30 semester credit hours at Davenport to fulfill residency requirements. This includes at least 16 semester credit hours of their Major requirements including BUSN495 Business Planning Capstone course at Davenport.
This degree program may not be used as part of a double major.

 Which class should I take? When should I take it?
2017-2018 Recommended Program Sequences for Business Administration, BUSN BBA: Business, BBA and Business Administration, BBA Printable PDF Download: pdf download

Foundations of Excellence39 cr.
ACES100 or OPENAchieving Career and Education Success or (if exempt) Open Elective3 cr.
COMM120Presentation Techniques3 cr.
ECON200Microeconomics3 cr.
ECON201Macroeconomics3 cr.
ENGL109Composition3 cr.
ENGL110Advanced Composition3 cr.
ENGL311Professional Writing3 cr.
DATA275Introduction to Data Analytics3 cr.
MATH125Intermediate Algebra3 cr.
STAT220Introduction to Statistics3 cr.
SOSC201Diversity in Society3 cr.
HUMNHumanities Elective3 cr.
SOSCSocial Science Elective3 cr.
Foundations of Business32 cr.
ACCT201Accounting Foundations I4 cr.
ACCT202Accounting Foundations II 4 cr.
BITS211Microcomputer Applications: Spreadsheet3 cr.
GPMT287Principles of Project Management3 cr.
BUSN210Professional Ethics3 cr.
CISP112Applied Information Technology 3 cr.
FINC211Corporate Finance3 cr.
LEGL210Business Law Foundations3 cr.
MGMT211Management Foundations3 cr.
MKTG211Marketing Foundations3 cr.
Major**28-31 cr.
BUSN225International Business3 cr.
BUSN303Business Research: 21st Century Tools3 cr.
BUSN489 or MGMT490Field Experience in Business or Management BBA Internship3-6 cr.
BUSN495Business Planning Capstone4 cr.
FINC223 or FINC235Entrepreneurial Finance or Financial Analysis for Business Managers3 cr.
HRMG213Human Resource Management3 cr.
MGMT321Organizational Behavior3 cr.
MGMT357Operations Management3 cr.
MGMT440Strategic Management3 cr.
Open Electives - Apply previously completed credit here, choose an Area(s) of Emphasis, or select electives from the following list of classes:18-21 cr.
Emphasis in Entrepreneurship#:18 cr.
BUSN265Entrepreneurship3 cr.
BUSN311Business Planning3 cr.
Emphasis in Human Resource Management (Choose 6 credits):6 cr.
HRMG313Staffing Organizations3 cr.
HRMG431Negotiation and Dispute Resolution3 cr.
LEGL401Employment and Labor Law3 cr.
Emphasis in International Business (Choose 6 credits):6 cr.
FINC320International Finance3 cr.
HRMG330International Human Resource Management3 cr.
LEGL320International Business Law3 cr.
MKTG421International Marketing3 cr.
Emphasis in Marketing+: 6 cr.
MKTG320Marketing of Services3 cr.
MKTG404Business-to-Business Marketing3 cr.
Emphasis in Operations Management+:6 cr.
MGMT412Quality Management3 cr.
MGMT413Sustainable Supply Chain Management3 cr.
Emphasis in Professional Selling+:9 cr.
MKTG212Professional Selling3 cr.
MKTG305Sales Management3 cr.
MKTG342Advanced Professional Selling3 cr.