What is Excellence System Certification?

Certification means that the students have demonstrated a high-level of competency in the Excellence System based on an assessment by faculty of their assignments such as papers, projects, and presentations. Students opt-in to certification in courses where Excellence System competencies are assessed.  They submit artifacts for faculty review, and if a mastery-level score is awarded by at least two faculty readers, a Certification in an Excellence System competency is awarded.

Current Excellence System Certification Programs:

Students in select DU programs are able to apply for Excellence System Certification:

What are the benefits of Excellence System certification for students?

In today’s employment market, students need to set themselves apart from the competition.  Therefore, if students receive certification in Excellence System competencies, they will receive:

  • A letter of recognition from the Executive Vice President for Academics & Provost
  • A notation of their academic transcript
  • A certificate designating proficiency in one or more of the Excellence System competencies

These items may be listed on resumes and discussed in job interviews as differentiatiors. Excellence System Certification represents a high level of student achievement recognized by the university.