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College of Health Professions
Transforming and Impacting Lives

Why the College of Health Professions?

Dr. Karen Daley, Dean of the College of Health Professions, welcomes you to Davenport University.

Davenport University’s College of Health Professions prepares students to achieve the highest levels of academic and professional performance, leading them to excel and advance in the complex healthcare environment of the 21st century. As a College, we seek to maintain the highest level of accreditation and academic excellence in the healthcare disciplines. 

Prospective Students

A program of study in the health professions will lead to  a rewarding and challenging profession with many opportunities. Curriculum is designed to meet the requirements of the accrediting bodies and to prepare students to be eligible to apply for licensure and/or certification upon graduation.

Choose your Healthcare Department.

Please take some time to view the following videos about our College of Health Professions.

Davenport University Nursing Program.




The purpose of the College of Health Professions is to provide a quality education to enable students to acquire the knowledge, skills and competencies required to be successful in the healthcare field. 

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Choose your Associate Degree.

If you are interested in Biological Laboratory Sciences from the Arts and Sciences Department, please visit the following page.



Davenport graduates are able to synthesize theoretical knowledge with professional practicum experiences, business principles and cutting edge technology, to critically evaluate healthcare issues, trends and practices to promote health. Expand your knowledge, skill and competencies with our graduate degree programs.

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Got Questions?

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Davenport's College of Health Professions prides itself on keeping current with our accreditations.


The College of Health Professions handbook is an essential part of our program. Download the undergraduate or graduate handbook, along with the appropriate forms here.

Student Resources

Here you will find the student handbook, educational plan, nursing application and other useful information.


Here is where you will find deadlines and application information for practicums.

Advisory Board

Board members are a group of strong leaders in the healthcare industry, ensuring Davenport is poised to be a leader in the field.

Faculty Directory

For a full list of faculty and staff in the College of Health Professions, please visit this page.

Jack Finkelstein ’84 developed an app that could save your life – SmartEMS. As a NYC paramedic, he saw the need to modernize the EMS system, creating a faster, safer way to connect and save patients. A Brooklyn, NY based company, SmartEMS allows smartphone users to contact an ambulance with state certified emergency Emergency Medical Technician’s and paramedics at the touch of a screen. Learn more about Jack’s story and why he created the SmartEMS app on the alumni blog -
Jack Finklestein, Davenport Alumni
Leadership Team
Karen Daley, PhD, RN

Dean for the College of Health Professions.
Stu Blatt

Interim Department Chair for Physical Therapy.

Associate Dean for Health Information Management (HIM) and Allied Health
Kelli Leask, BSN, MSN

Interim Department Chair for Nursing
Kelly McCarron, EdD, OTR/L

Associate Dean (online) for the College of Health Professions.
Christy Nelson, PhD, OTR/L, FAOTA

Department Chair for the Occupational Therapy Department.
Linda Sorenson, MPA, RHIA, CHPS

Department Chair for Health Information Management (HIM) and Allied Health.
Amy Stahley, MSN, RN

Associate Dean for the Nursing Department.
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